The abandoned complex, hidden away in the southeast part of the Mountain Pass is a pre-collapse military base that was hastily evacuated. Now it sits, protected by its still-functional automated defense systems and its heavy doors, a silent and deadly relic of the past. You'll need some kind of identification from a military or government offical to get in.

Known Denizens Edit

Screamers: These horrible creatures seem to be the mutated, twisted remains of the military personnel that were not evacuated in time.

Rumours Edit

Stories have been told (and conspiracy theories publicized) about some sort of alien hidden or kept in captivity in the lowest levels of the complex since well before the evacuation and the collapse.

Reports have been heard from enterprising wasteland adventurers of a massive computer system, also deep in the sub-levels of the complex.

Apparently the supplies in the base have not been entirely exhausted yet, looters that return at all often return laden with grenades, artificial gills, or other munitions and tools.

Those wanderers who say they have braved the abandoned complex say there may be a second way past the defenses. Perhaps some kind of back door, or maintenance entry.

-Vayra 10:17, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

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