At first glance this machine gun resembles the famous tommy gun, it is short and squat with a large front sight and vertical foregrip that makes for easy shooting from the hip. The flat pancake magazine it uses mounts on the top of the receiver. This design represents a different thinking in machine guns... shooting a lot of small-caliber ammo very fast. You think you could suppress someone handily with this.

A switch near the trigger is set to single mode.
It weighs 3 kg. It is a rifle.
It's a two-handed weapon requiring skill in rifles.
It's a lightning-fast weapon.
It does slight bullets damage.
A skilled fighter could do somewhat more damage with this.

This weapon looks like it would kick very lightly when fired.

The American-180 uses .22 pancake magazines, available from BlastArms. It can be fired in single shot or automatic.

This is the best rifle to use for grinding, the ammo is cheap and on single it does shit for damage. But there's so much ammo it will jam more often than you have to reload it.

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