Tired of sleeping in the Crash Landing Cube Hotel? Want a big place of your own to store your stuff? Then get an apartment!

Don't worry! You'll never be that safe again, but then again, this is a milestone of personal independence. Go you.

Where to Find HousingEdit

You could sleep in your corp's HQ or simply doze off in the middle of the street somewhere, but for a variety of reasons (see: rape, death) most players decide to invest in their own apartment.

City Location Down payment Monthly Rent Security Notes
Gangland Broham Gardens $300 $60 Two easily killed Gorillabots. Economy housing in the truest sense, vaguely preferable to a cardboard box. You will probably get robbed on a whim if you live here.
Gangland Astral Complex $375 $40 Better than Broham, worse than Bradbury. If you have a choice between this and the Broham choose this, otherwise get anywhere else.
Slagtown Bradbury $500 $200 Weak first-stage security but hardened criminals will get the tougher Owlmen after them. Rooms come with a basic scanlock. Easy access to the Bradbury Basement, home to zombies. Lockpickers that don't live here won't really care about getting stars here.
Freedom City Sweaty Palms $1000 $300 Electrified floors and SP-FCPD security cameras. Private lounge on the ground floor, showers on every floor.
Freedom City Final Rest Home $0 $0 Have to be really old (age unknown)
Shoreline Innsmouth $500 $500 FCPD cameras It's a hotel on the beach, chuting yourself places you into the ocean. There are also multiple holes in the wall that you can jump into the ocean from on each floor.
Freedom City Helliday Inn $2500 $1000 Electrified floors, FCPD cameras, and close proximity to FCPD HQ. Lounge and shower room on the ground floor. Best security in Freedom City.
Sewers Chudhive Free Free There are climbs, but otherwise, no known security. Only Chuds can rent these apartments. Also, it's free.
Burbclave Halliburton Arms $500000 $1500 Criminals in the HA are shocked by the electrical floor and ganged up on by spiderlings, however it's nowhere near as good as having your own mansion. Highly pricey. Spiderlings will rape most things due to their curare darts but can be cleared out very easily by aboms Alastor fixed the spiderling's curare, stay the fuck away oh god.
Burbclave Mansion on Keaton Ave or Snow Boulevard $1500000 $2000 Largest and most secure non-custom housing available. An ODC camera shoots lasers in defense of the door. Spiderlings deploy from across Halliburton Arms. Not always available. The only real way someone can get into your apartment is via door camping, since you can't phase/blink out of a mansion. Attempting to pick the door will get you killed EXTREMELY quickly.
Village of Lurleen Lurleen Estates $10000 $40 Two easily killed gorillabots, and obscurity. For those who like a little isolation.
Wasteland Vault 4 $10000 $500 A single security bot on each level. It's very annoying. Vault 4 is hidden in the Wasteland; you'll need to search around to find it.
Necropolis Freak Tunnels $499 $10 Its very location is a form of security, and recently addded are three abomination NPC's. Housing for Hideous Freaks; others trying to rent an apartment will get irradiated.
Botany Bay Rodger Young $7500 $1100 Five pretty strong guys with assorted high level weaponry. Upkeep is more expensive than a mansion, roomkits can't be installed here since it's a goddamn boat. You have a pretty good chance of not being randomly robbed due to its location, and if you can afford $1100 a month you can most likely afford a good lock.
Weezer Village Unterbeight Hotel $1000 $750 ? Requires 200 Davenport Institute reputation to rent.
Luskentyre Plateau Luskentryan Mansion $1000 $500 Mundane enforcers attack criminals. Not so tough, but come in swarms. Requires 200 Church of Luskentyre reputation to rent (probably).

Apartment SecurityEdit

Your apartment building's security will only go so far (not very). It's better to spend some cash on protective measures than to pay for it by being robbed down the road.

If all of an apartment's residents are inside and asleep, nobody can pick your door's lock. Make sure to set your home as you apartment with @sethome. However, if you have more than one apartment, the apartment you're not asleep inside is vulnerable while you are disconnected. Furthermore, if you're disconnected but you have one or more roommates who are connected, your door can be picked.

If you're connected and out and about, your apartment is at its highest risk. Luckily, a variety of options are available to you.

Basic Security Options:Edit

  • Buy a peephole. Smoot's Security Shack (Sm) in Freedom City sells inexpensive peepholes that can be installed in doors. Before leaving your apartment, make it a habit to peep out and make sure nobody's outside. Install from the outside of your apartment.
  • Upgrade your lock. Locks can be bought at security stores such as Smoot's Security Shack (Sm) or Security Matters (SM), or crafted by players.
  • Buy a homecam. Homecams (also available at Smoot's) can be installed to watch your rooms. In the event of a break-in, you can play back the security footage and possibly identify the intruders. Use "bolt homecam" to attach to the wall inside your apartment.
  • Buy tin foil. Tin foil is available at Hell Up in Hardware (HH). Installing it on the walls of a room will keep players with the Clairvoyance mutation out.
  • Buy door kits. Informer door kits from Security Matters will inform you when a break-in is occuring. TrickrTreat door kits will explode when the door is tampered with.
  • Install additional rooms. You can add additional rooms to your apartment, such as closets, trophy rooms, and shower rooms. Creating more rooms means creating more doors, and more doors means you can install more locks.

For the most effective results, employ a variety of security measures and take a layered approach. Keeping your valuables inside a locked floor safe within a closet means that an intruder has to get through your front door, closet door, and into the safe. Be warned that you generally can't install roomkits in roomkits, so you can't just delay them by having them go through a bunch of doors. Also most containers are a lot easier to break open than safes, so don't keep anything you don't want to lose in anything but a safe.

(Note that none of this will keep your belongings completely secure, and are just basic measures to make things a bit more difficult for intruders. Room doors are breakable, as are safes and cabinets. To keep your equipment completely secure, store it in a safe deposit box.)


  • Your apartment complex's security team won't stop a pro lockpicker, don't depend on your security saving your ass. Depend on your door's lock.
  • Shockmaster doorkits can make a lockpicker fumble their lockpick, they are pretty damn useful.
  • To allow your friends into the apartment, type @addresident theirname

NPC HousingEdit

Familiarizing yourself with the places NPCs lay their heads can be useful. New players may find that robbing sleeping NPCs is an easy way to get items (especially porn) to sell, for instance, and it's often easier to get protection contracts from NPCs outside of their stores. Also, stealing tv's and other stuff from apartments to sell to Mung at Rough Trade for the Burglar Job

Note that some NPC apartment buildings have rentacops patrolling the halls during the day, who will give you stars and do other bad things to you if you try to pick a lock or break down a door in their presence. On top of this, when you enter an apartment with sleeping npcs, they may actually wake up and call the cops on you, netting you more stars. All in all it's easier to go at night, throw a grenade in there and kill all the sleepers and steal anything of value (if there's a tv, you'll need to repair it if it got destroyed by the explosion).

City Location Map Abbreviation
Freedom City Propecia Suites PS
Freedom City Xolair Plaza XP
Freedom City Humatrope Tower HT
Corpclave c14L1.s t0.w3.r c.

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