The Armordillo is a species of large, mutant armadillo that wanders around the Crater Rim area. They are either equal or slightly superior to zombies in terms of difficulty to kill depending on your weapon. Although there's currently no contract for them, armordillos yield Armordillo Plates which are used in making the Armordillo plate jacket, a decent mid-level body armor. One Armordillo gives one plate. You can also cut an armordillo snout from a dead armordillo, but this consumable doesn't seem to have much use.

Because Armordillos have a relatively high damage soak but do a small to moderate amount of damage, they can be used to grind weapon skills. Simply equip a really shitty starting weapon (Such as the cutting knife, electrical cord, etc.), and some armor with a decent slashing rating, and attack the armordillo. With your low damage per hit you won't be able to hurt the armordillo much, and it won't be able to get through your armor. You can remain stalemated like this for a long as 20 minutes, earning IP the whole time.

Fighting the ArmordilloEdit

Armordillos aren't especially difficult given a good weapon. They soak slash and beat damage, but anything better than a katana should be enough to take them down. Armordillos attack with their whiptail, which does slashing damage, so prepare accordingly. Scrap jackets and up make for a good armordillo-hunting outfit.


Since they are so heavily armoured, one can grind up quite a lot of IP by just attacking an armordillo with a shitty weapon. For example, attacking it with a rebar sword to raise your blades skill.

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