Beefalo are Hellmoo's answer to Brahmin, a mutant cow/buffalo hybrid. They come in two varieties: Beefalo, which wanders the Crater Rim area, and Meatywonder, which hangs around the Juicer Camp. Aside from the name, there is no difference between the two. Each beefalo can be butchered for beefalo hide and 3 pieces of meat. Beefalo aren't particularly tough to kill, but they have a nasty habit of causing broken limbs with their attacks. Because of this, it's nice to carry an Insta-cast when hunting them. It's a long, painful slog back to the Meds 4 Less otherwise.

Note: Juicers will attack you if you attack a meatywonder in their presence. I'm guessing this is because the meatywonders are supposed to be their livestock.

Tip BeefaloEdit

You can tip a beefalo with tip beefalo or tip meatywonder. You earn a journal worth 1xp the first time you do this. Woooo....

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