A mutation that allows you to eat just about anything and gives you the chance to barf up parts from the thing you ate. Also gives a +1 to Climb and a -1 to Endurance.


Fuck you, horns.

Advantages Edit

The ability to randomly get parts by eating debris is obviously useful to a crafty character and can provide a good way to get raw materials even if your scavenge sucks. Also means you'll never have to buy food again because you can just eat bricks. The plus to climb is always nice as well. Grief your friends by eating their clothes and weapons. Munching doesn't make you full at all, but still cures hunger, and random stuff is everywhere, so you'll basically always have a food source somewhere.

Disadvantages Edit

A negative to endurance will hurt your scavenging skill, as well as anything else that uses endurance, save for climb, due to the mutation's increase of the skill. It's incompatible with any of the racials that have an alternate form of food requirements for obvious reasons.

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