A weapon proficiency skill, allowing for competency in using blade weaponry, and the construction of some weapons.

Depends on reflexes, and cool.

Where to LearnEdit


cut from corpse

This command will list what items can be cut from a corpse. Meat can be eaten for Food, to regain health. Skins can be used to craft certain items. Heads can be facefucked or embalmed and put on a wall mount to hang in a room.

Butchering will raise your scavenge skill. The best weapon to do this with is the cutting knife, it seems to boost your scavenge skill for the purpose of hacking shit off corpses.


See Weapons before modifying the table. Please note that 'total skill' takes both stats for the weapon into account and is used for calculating hit. Total reflex is used for calculating speed.

weapon damage type base damage crit parry handed user total skill user total reflex hit speed
razor blade slash 1-4 10% 1 1 17 14 19 13
hosaka daikatana slash
2 2 24 20 26 4.8
crysknife stab 4-10 60% 0 1 23 20 25 2.4


Blades Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
1 1904
9 6120
10 6800
11 10200
Blades Titles
total ? message
1 Worthless.
3 LOL noob.
6-7 You've eaten with a knife.
10-11 You know the basic stabs.
12 You're an experienced fighter.
14 A capable swordfighter.
17 Blades professional.
19 Blades expert.
20 Swordmaster.
22 Inigo Montoya.
24-30 The Dread Pirate Roberts.


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