Bleeder mutation which allows a player to injure themselves for combat bonuses. It is mutually exclusive with zombie and Superclot.

Location Edit

The Bleeder mutation is hidden somewhere within Princeton General Hospital in Slagtown. It is easy to acquire as it is unguarded, just be careful where you go once you find it...

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    The ability Rend
    The Frenzy buff when bleeding
    Stress loss/gain depending on whether you are covered in blood or not
    Immunity to passing out from blood loss

Advantages Edit

Entering a frenzy will grant you up to +4 Brawn and +4 Senses (depending on Brawn and/or focus, unconfirmed) raising your combat abilities greatly and on command. It also will heal you in the same tic that you would take bleeding damage. Frenzy effects reduce your chance of being feinted. You will also lose stress at a slow rate when covered in blood, and will not pass out from blood loss.

Disadvantages Edit

You may receive or inflict upon yourself (confirmed) bleeding wounds that deal more damage than your Frenzy heals, meaning you can still bleed to death (even if you don't pass out on the way there). Furthermore, you cannot stack the horny and frenzy buffs, and you will gain stress when you aren't covered in blood. Having blood on you reduces your climb skill, so you'll need to either increase your climb skill or carry around water and destressing materials. You also cannot take zombie or Superclot as the bleeding wound resistance and bleeding wound immunity are paradoxical.

Rend Edit

Using Rend will make your character attempt to deal a bleeding wound on him/herself.

  • NEW AS OF 10/20/09: Using a cutting implement (swords, knives, claws, etc) raises your chance of a successful rend-frenzy.

Message Upon Use:

Appearance Edit

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