The next evolutionary phase...

Blink and You Edit

Blink is a mutation that gives you two new and magical commands, Blink and Blink <area>.

The regular Blink command teleports you to a random tile in HellMOO that is not blink blocked (such as most apartment complexes). It is recommended to have at least 20 focus to use this command consistently.

The Blink <area> command teleports you to a random tile in the area you specified (if it isn't blink blocked), with the accuracy depending on a focus roll. It is recommended to have at least thirty total focus if you want to use this effectively.

Dangers of Blinking Edit

Blinking, although an extremely fast method of travel, can be very dangerous! If you were to blink into a tile that another person or NPC is standing in, you will telefrag (explode and die). Cocoons will still work to save most of your items, but you will lose any implants this way, unless you have silicone skin.

Another danger of blinking is the common misblink, or blinking into an undesired location. Some undesired locations are: the sky, the top of the tree in crater forest when you have shit for climb, and into a place with lots of strong and aggressive mobs while you only have 1 hp left.

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