Boss Hogg is a powerful beast which lurks near the chemical plant and guards the power source required to do the Matter Compiler journal.


An enormous porcine creature, perhaps five feet tall at the shoulder, with a head the size of a beach ball. His skin is a perfect, flawless pink. His wide, slavering mouth bristles with bundles of tusks and razor-sharp yellow teeth. He is hungry, always hungry...


Boss Hogg uses his fangs, tusks and claws to attack with surprising slashing and stabbing damage, capable of penetrating an Armordillo Plate Jacket. His power attack can easily take out 10 health and he has the hilarious habit of spamming it. Often times his first move will be to power attack and leave you with massive bleeding wounds that can bring death even if you manage to run away. He's not particularly resistant to anything, so killing him comes down to doing massive damage before he returns the favor. A fast weapon to keep him dazed and off balance is a good idea, as is a good dodge since armor rarely protects from his power attack.


Boss Hogg himself carries nothing and has no weapon, but the Locker he guards contains a chemical suit and the gray power box near him allows you to complete the Matter Compiler journal which nets you a bar of gold worth $700.

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