This stat determines how well and how clearly you can think. Very useful for skills such as hack, science, chemistry, and medic.

This stat can be grinded by searching the skeleton in the room with the hyperimmune mutation, getting the disk, then going south along the preceding corridor and heading east at the end. put disk in wopr, then play and win Armory Codes, which is a clone of Mastermind with four positions and three digits. As long as you do not lose or leave the room, you can continue playing. Usually, you will receive 1 IP for winning, but on rare occasions, you won't gain anything.

A program for completing WOPR's game can be found here. Run wopr.bat and follow the prompts to win the game.


Brains Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
10 12600
11 13859
12 15120
17 25200


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