Brainslug is a different kind of mutation. It gives +3 Brains, -2 Brawn, -1 Reflexes, and +40 stun resistance, as well as a few interesting perks.

Location Edit


Advantages Edit

Aside from it's generous brains and stun resistance bonus, you also gain the ability to talk to the slugmind using slug <any>, and cough up a brainslug larva using larva. You can infect NPCs with the larva and control them over slugnet.

Disadvantages Edit

The slugmind drains money from you periodically, the current known rate somewhere between 3-5%. It's also possible for people on slugnet to see your current location, and take control of your slugslaves if they have higher Brains than you.

Additionally, you gain stress when you are horny with the slug.

Appearance Edit

Controlling Your Slugslaves Edit

Notes Edit

It can be permanently demuted by drinking bleach at any time.

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