You ever been in the Any Port and seen people light their bongs, joints, and cigarettes without a lighter? Seems cool, right? Well, thanks to a mutation known as Carrie, you too can light these things and more on fire!

Location Edit

Getting carrie is quite simple... Wander around the Open Prairie for a while until you come across the fire pit... Once you've found it, just mutate and enjoy.

Advantages Edit

As stated above, you can light things on fire by staring at them without the need for a lighter using carrie <item>. Additionally, you gain the command burn <target>, a focus skill that attempts to light your opponent on fire during combat using a focus check at the cost of some stress and the risk of damaging yourself.

Disadvantages Edit

Aside from the risk of self harm during combat, there is a chance to gain a mental illness just for using Carrie. This chance is lowered if you also have the Solar Sponge mutation

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