• The formula for skill totals is avg(stats) + raw - M.

avg(stats) is the average between the primary and secondary base stats for that skill (both having the same weight), rounded down. raw is obvious, and numbers in the + column are also added to (or subtracted from) here for the calculation. M changes according to two things: if you have at least 1 raw point in that skill, M = 2. Otherwise, M = 5. Science is an exception, with the values changing to 4 and 10, respectively.
The formula doesn't work for Fuck, for whatever reason; seems to work for everything else.

Skill Primary
appraise Brains Senses
blades Reflexes Cool
bombs Brains Cool
chemistry Brains
climb Reflexes Endurance
clubs Brawn Reflexes
craft Brains Senses
dodge Reflexes Senses
feet  ?  ?
fish Cool Endurance
fists Brawn Endurance
flails Brawn Endurance
focus Endurance Senses
fuck Endurance Senses
hack Brains
linguist Brains
locksmith Brains Reflexes
medic Brains
persuade Cool Brains
pilot Brains Reflexes
pistols Cool Reflexes
quickdraw Cool Reflexes
repair Brains
ride Cool Reflexes
rifles Cool Reflexes
scavenge Endurance Senses
science Brains
sneak Cool Senses
spears Endurance Reflexes
steal Brains Senses Third stat: Cool
swim Endurance
torture Cool Endurance
teach Brains
throw Cool Reflexes
track Senses
wrestle  ?  ?
whips Reflexes Senses
Legend Normal Not

The grind command can be used to increase IP gain in a specific skill - grind rifles will give you more chance of improving your rifles skill as you use it, for example. grind will tell you what you are currently grinding, if anything.


  • XP cost to gain IP is shared between all skills, or different between skills?



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