City Hall is located in Freedom city, and it is open 24/7. It is at 1300 cheney way.

The business license enables you to found your own corporation.
The business expansion contract increases the amount of contracts your corporation can have active at the same time by one (up to 10).

Note: prices and availability may vary.

Goods for sale:

a chomologist genocide contract         $    375
a bug killing contract                  $    750
a chud killing contract                 $  1,125
a crackhead crackdown contract          $  1,200
a dog killing contract                  $  1,200
a chobo killing contract                $  1,500
a redneck killing contract              $  1,500
a tankboy tracker contract              $  3,000
a chomoninja tracker contract           $  3,000
a freedom city enforcer contract        $  3,150
a business license                      $ 15,000
a business expansion contract           $ 15,000

Goods for sale (upstairs):

a broken arrow contract                 $    220
a chud invasion contract                $    550
a prisoner hunter contract              $    550
a racist invasion contract              $    880
a mine rescue contract                  $  1,320

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