Clairvoyance Edit

Clairvoyance allows you to leave your body and travel around the world of HellMOO as a spirit. It also equips you to deal with other Clairvoyants. The mutation adds a bonus of +3 focus. It grants the following commands:

 project : Project your consciousness out of your body. Causes you to faint, becoming helpless.
 return : Return your consciousness to your body. No delay whatsoever. Can be done from any location.
 scan : Scan the room for clairvoyant projections. See Psi Shimmers for more details. 
 pulse : Try to damage other clairvoyants who are projecting to your location. 

None of these commands cause stress or grant IP. They have no cooldown, although you may be limited by your health.

Project Edit

Project causes your body to immediately pass out, allowing your spirit to scout the area. Your body is completely helpless - your gear and cocoons can be stolen, you can be killed, etc.

Travel speed while projected is extremely fast - there is no noticeable delay. You can zoom from one end of Freedom City to the other in an instant if you queue the commands quickly enough and there are no obstructions. Climbing and swimming are both instant. Long travels, such as the distance between Slagtown and the Power Plant, is also instant.

However, there are some limitations to this movement. Your ability to see is based on your Focus skill. A focus roll is made for every action - if it's too low, you'll only be able to see nearby exits. If your Focus is too low, you won't even see the room you're currently in, although you can simply look again to see. You cannot enter a room with tin foil on the walls. You also cannot move onto a tile if it is occupied by a player with the Jammer mutation, although you will not be booted out if a Jammer walks onto your tile. You can, however, look in a blocked direction to see who is jamming you.

You can look at objects, but you cannot examine or peek into them. You may see the contents of open containers, but you have no way of seeing into closed containers. If you're looking for someone to rob, a closed container may be just as big of a cockblock as tin foil.

You may whisper to other players while projected. It's not fun unless you have a shitton of focus because you'll probably fail the focus roll and not hear their response.

Beware of falling tiles! Walking into areas with no "hard" exits, such as the waterfall in Mountain Pass, will cause you to become trapped, leaving you with no choice but to Return.

Scan and Pulse Edit

Both of these commands can be used whether you are currently projecting or not.

Scan allows you to search your tile for nearby projections. It will detect projected players and do nothing else. It takes several seconds to perform, but has no cooldown or cost. It will not reveal the name of the player, so make sure you're not killing a corpmate.

Pulse will damage nearby projections at the cost of health. It hurts them more than it hurts you, but they easily run away. If you use Pulse while projected, you will not see how much damage you are causing to yourself. Be very careful with this, especially if they've got higher health than you! Also, Pulse does not tell you whether the other player has been killed or not - there is no message indicating that they have left or died, and scan will only detect their presence on your tile. Be aware that if you have a higher focus while pulsing and xp, it will most likely instantly kill any projections in the room.

Psi Shimmers Edit

As you travel around projected, you will create psi shimmers. These shimmers are displayed as a blue aura in the area, with messages indicating the strength. Psi shimmers grow stronger as you repeatedly walk through the same area, and gradually grow if you linger in the same spot. They dissipate over time if left alone. If a psi shimmer is allowed to grow to a sufficient size, it will begin to slowly damage nearby projected players. If you die while projected you die for real. Never go AFK while traveling. Additionally, the shimmers seem to give a penalty to Focus rolls when viewing actions - if the blue haze is thick enough, you'll have a hard time just looking at the room you're in. Psi shimmers can be seen by all clairvoyants whether they are projecting or not. Since shimmers are indicative of a nearby projection, a clairvoyant player will easily know when a player is lingering nearby. Take care when spying on other clairvoyants!

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