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Clothing and armor items in the game are designed to cover specific parts of the body. For humans, they can cover one or several of the body parts: Head, chest, abdomen, groin, ass, arm, leg, hand and foot. Different articles of clothing/armor will protect you from different types of damage. The command gear shows the protection you receive from what you're currently wearing.

All pieces of clothing have a certain thickness, which determines the amount of it you can wear. The sum of the thickness of all clothes which cover a body part can never exceed your brawn. The command worn gives a list of the clothes you're wearing and their thickness. The chart below should serve as a guide to the relative thicknesses of different materials.

Thickness Example
0 Jewelery
1 Underwear
2 T-shirt
3 Double-knit
4 Sweater
5 Heavy Canvas
6 Leather/Padded Armor
7 Studded Leather/Ring Mail Armor
8 Brigandine/Scale Mail Armor
9 Chain Mail Armor
10 Ceramic/Splint Mail/Banded Mail Armor
11 Field Plate-Mail Armor
12 Full Plate-mail Armor
13 Ceramic-reinforced bear fur stuffed parka

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