Corporations, or Corps for short, are groups of players that band together to help each other. There are many advantages and disadvantages to being in a corp. It is usually a good idea to join a corp when you first start out.

Advantages galore in a corp. One is that generally everyone in your corp will be nice to you. They will give you advice and probably even give newbies free stuff. Also, whenever someone signs a contract, the entire corp gains the ability to cash in. If this person signs a contract for karnivores, you will get a cash bonus from said contract if you kill a karnivore. Plus, whenever you are attacked and killed by an overpowering douche bag (a.k.a, griefers), your buddies will come and take care of business.

Several disadvantages exist in joining a corp. When you first join, you are basically a cannon fodder employee until you contribute enough. You will still get help and such, but your opinion will not matter until you've grown in level. When join a corp, all the corp's enemies become your enemies. For example, if you recently joined TPC, and TRANS hates TPC, then there is a good chance you will be killed by TRANS members. A lot. A new employee can often cause a corp war with his/her moronic tendencies. Being associated with a weak corp will make you a target. Also, your managers and board members will already know your murderers, and will just advise you to never bother them. There are usually 4 employees for every manager, and 3 managers for every board member.

Corp setup

Whenever you join a corp, you will start out as an employee. As you do well, you will eventually be promoted to manager. Do well as a manager and contribute to corp growth, and you may find yourself as a board member. Above the board are the corp holders, the big cheeses. They hold complete power.

Starting a corp

If you have a lot of money and power, you have the opportunity to start your own corp. You can set salaries, colors, ranks, etc. and you will be the supreme commander of your corp and your name will go down as the founder of your corp. It is ill-advised to start a corp unless you are able to kill most everything and everyone in the game. The start-up fee is $15,000, and each extension costs more. Your corp would also have the ability to open a corp store in the galleria, as well as a suite in the Corpclave.

corp stores

If your corp is ready to make some money, open a corp store in Freedom City's galleria. Once you hire a clerk, you and your members can put any item in the store to be sold to the other players. All funds will be linked to the corp's account, which can only be accessed by holders and the founder. These stores are an awesome place to find cool stuff, from springsteels to rare implants. If Sargo doesn't have it, check the galleria.

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