The Crack Mansion is a large crackhouse in central Freedom City, commonly used as a grinding area by low level players. The Crack Mansion features an assortment of weak monsters, including crackheads, crackbabies and crackfiends, as well as several respawning loot containers.

Recent changes to contracts have made the Crack Mansion a less crowded area, but it remains popular and accessible to all characters.



The Crack Mansion has 3 floors; a large lower floor, a large 2nd floor, and a single-tile outdoor rooftop.

First FloorEdit

The first floor (pictured) has it's entrance in the southmost tile. This entryway is the only way in or out of the Crack Mansion, barring the use of certain Mutations or portals. The easternmost tile features a gin tub, which contains a respawning quantity of alcohol. Doors connect the two western tiles (the porch and yard) to the mansion proper. The tile to the immediate west of the gin tub contains the mansion's main and only staircase and entrance to the upper floors.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor contains three respawning loot containers: a crate that spawns random artifacts in the northwest, a footlocker that spawns two articles of random clothing in the southwest, and a box that spawns random medical supplies in the southernmost tile. Notably, the room containing the footlocker is behind a door, and slightly darker than the rest of the mansion. It is the only single exit room in the area that has a door. Propecia, a unique, weaker version of a babymomma, resides in the northernmost room.


The roof is a single room in area, and is outdoors. This means that it's lighting changes with the time of day, and it can provide advantages and disadvantages otherwise not present to players with certain Mutations.



NPC InhabitantsEdit


Crackbabies are largely harmless, even to weak or injured players. They're kind of adorable. Kind of.


Crackheads are usually non-aggressive inhabitants of the mansion that are armed with various weapons. Although they are usually not aggressive, they can be unpredictable and attack with no warning. Crackheads are capable of killing weak or unprepared players. Crackheads may be unarmed or may wield nail boards, various knives, and infected syringes, or anything else that they find laying on the ground. Crackheads armed with infected syringes should be treated with caution, as Ebola spreads quickly and can be lethal if left untreated. Crackheads will pay money for medical attention or rocks of crank, making them a decent source of money for players uninterested in killing them.


Crackfiends are tougher, more aggressive crackheads. They carry rebar swords, and are capable of killing most weak players. Otherwise, they are similar to crackheads.


As a popular grinding spot, the Crack Mansion is likely to contain several players at any one time. As difficult as it is to cope with the prospect of having to share an area with others, it happens. Be on the lookout for the following types of player:

  • Guy With a Nuke: One of Fat Ratzo's quests involves bombing the Crack Mansion with a suitcase nuke. If you see anyone fiddling with a metal briefcase or looking all shifty, get out of there; they might be trying to blow you up.
  • Ripperscrub: It's not unusual to run into someone with the ripper mutation who just waddles around the Crack Mansion looking for weak new players to attack. If you see someone with claws, there's a good chance that they're going to try to kill you. Run away, or kill them first. There's a tiny chance that it's just some benign mutant who chose the ripper mutation, but better safe than sorry. If you kill them, they deserved it anyway, for possibly planning to kill you first.
  • Strong Player: Sometimes you'll see a strong player in the Crack Mansion. This means they're there for a reason, probably to rob innocent crackhead-murderers like yourself. Running away before they can attack you is usually a good idea.
  • Goonshit: The majority of the players in Hellmoo are banded together by their somethingawful membership. Goonshit run multiple alts in multiple corps, and will not hesitate to attack you in numbers over multiple game days just to grief you out of the cm or other noob areas. Play Hellmoo during the graveyard shift, and you won't encounter the hostile ones.

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