Crack MansionEdit

Crackheads and crackbabies can be found in the crack mansion (cm.). These are usually the first step for a newbie after they beat orphans with ease. The crack mansion is located north of the Any Port bar in Freedom City.


Crackheads are unarmed and do beat damage. Stack studded leather jackets and other items that give a beat resistance bonus to reduce damage from these guys.


Crack BabiesEdit

Mongoloid crackbaby, snotty crackbaby, deformed crackbaby, weepy crackbaby (add more)


skinny crackhead, retarded crackhead, mincing crackhead, average crackhead, midget crackhead, drooling crackhead, ugly crackhead, bald crackhead (add more)


killer crackfiend, crazy crackfiend, gaunt crackfiend (add more)

Special CharactersEdit

Propecia: Give crank to Propecia and she will let you fuck her to make your very own babby. She can also be killed for a nanite healer.

Captain Andy: leader of the crackheads. Slightly stronger than other crackheads. Kill him to receive a protection contract and a journal entry worth 300XP.

Never ever ever sign this contract. It's completely worthless. In fact, if you bring it to one of the managers to sign we'll probably laugh at you and say something that will cut you like a knife.--Stalingrad 09:24, 3 September 2008 (UTC)

Things of NoteEdit

  • If you have a crank rock the command Give crank to crackhead will net you $10 if the crackhead is interested. They will accept only one rock and will ignore further offers.
  • Crackheads will also on rare occasion stop combat and plead for the player to spare them. They will offer a sum of $250 and will wait for a short period of time for the player to

spare crackhead. If the player does not enter the command in time the crackhead will change his mind and will leave. The best option for the player is to accept the crackheads offer of surrender then immediately reengage in combat and finish off the crackhead.

  • Crack boulders can be found in the south end of the second floor. They can be broken with pickaxes for crank.


Name Area Location Loot
beat-up military foot locker Crack Mansion n,n,n,u,s,w,sw from main room Contains only clothes so far.
splintery wooden packing crate Crack Mansion n,n,n,u,n,w from main room Contains an assortment of low level loot.
big old cardboard box Crack Mansion n,n,n,u,s,s,se from main room Contains one single-use trauma kit, or occasionally a regular (10 use) trauma kit.

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