Craft allows you to make things using crafting instructions and raw materials. exam the diagram/schematic/plan to figure out what you need, and how to make it.

Not all crafting instructions use craft: plans to make weapons often require the respective weapon skill, for example. Some secondary skills are chemistry, science, hack, pistols, and rifles.

Need a crafter? See GOON Help


License PlatesEdit

In prison, there is a license plate press on the lower floor. ass plate with press. You also gain brains slowly. These plates can be junked for IP in scavenge and a couple of bucks, or made into shivs and lockpicks to grind craft further. There's a risk of getting killed in jail - watch out.


Buy an engraving tool at the hardware store, and engrave <item> with tool. This can be spammed, but never automate this - admins have known to pop in and ask you what you are doing. Apparently, it raises up huge warning signs on gamenet.


Craft Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
2 840
3 750
4 800
5 1100
7 3000
9 8400
10 9800
Craft Titles
total ? message
9 Shoddy craftsman.
11 Hobby shop loudmouth.
14 Tradesman.
17 Craftsman.
20 Master craftsman.
22 Construction innovator.


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