A semimatte jet black bodysuit with attached gloves and boots. The surface is covered with raised blunt ridges in irregular formation. Some of the ridges have odd glyphs carved into them. The hands and feet have strange rubbery pads strategically shaped and placed for traction.

A reward from Null's Salvation. It cannot be crafted. Try buying them from vampire characters (they can't use them effectively). 100k is a reasonable price for a 10/10 deathsuit, 90k for a 9hp item, etc.

Notable as one of the best pieces of armor in the game. It covers all but the head and face.

Wearing a deathsuit without hyper-immune will infect you with a disease that will buff brawn, reflexes, endurance, and senses while debuffing brains and cool. Eventually you will pass out and die from the exposure. You will also randomly attack creatures in the room.

Name Beat Slash Stab Bullet Burn Elec Acid Notes
deathsuit 4-8 9-9 8-10 8-14 4-8 8-18 1-4

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