diagram for earthquake machine, aka diagram for earthquake machine and earthquake machine

The diagram looks like a copy of a copy of a very old document. It details how to make a variable frequency oscilator that with automatically try and operate at the correct frequency to induce tremors.

It tells you how to make an earthquake machine with the following components:

1 - soda keg
1 - hydraulic cylinder
1 - tube of buckey lube
2 - short lengths of copper wire
1 - confabulator
3 - microprocessors
2 - circuit boards
1 - chrome hubcap
1 - electromagnetic dissipation assembly
2 - lead bars
2 - o-rings
1 - condenser coil
1 - ballast assembly
1 - electromagnetic motor
1 - flywheel assembly
1 - servomotor
4 - broken battery packs
1 - broken LCD
1 - superconductor ring
1 - keypad circuit
2 - small spools of q-adhesive micro-slicing fiber
1 - class III laser
6 - clear tamagotchis

You realize you could make this without needing a workbench.
Making this would take expertise in craft.
In the upper right corner is a note: 'First discovered by Dr. Athas.'

It weighs about 100 grams. It is a electromech benchless recipe. You think it might fetch about $4,100 on the market.

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