HellMOO features a wide variety of bodily maladies, from broken limbs to avian flu. Naturally, being ill carries stat penalties. Some illnesses (like worms and mudbutt to name a couple) are mostly annoying, while others are more serious and will warrant immediate attention and treatment.

One of the first diseases new players tend to encounter is black lung (not the coal miner's disease, but tuberculosis). This can be treated a number of ways. Firstly, you can try to get better on your own. You have a recurring chance of shaking the disease off, so provided it doesn't kill you, you will eventually get better without any extra help. Secondly, if you have a decent medic score, you can try to treat it with a hypodermic of Allomycin (a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic available from Meds-4-Less for $100). Thirdly, you can go to the free clinic in Princeton General hospital, located in Slagtown. Dr.Octagon can treat Black Lung, and some other diseases. Other players may be skilled in medic, and willing to help.

Most other diseases and afflictions follow the same general pattern of treatment using drugs and treatments specific to the disease in question. For a few diseases (like AIDS) you have no chance of getting better on your own and must seek other options.

Finally, if all else fails, a freshly-cloned body won't have any afflictions at all.

See Also: List Of Diseases

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