Dogs can be found wandering around Freedom City. Since they occasionally agro they're a nuisance, but since they're roughly equivalent to orphans in terms of power it's a very minor one. Dogs have their own contract, but it pays poorly enough that it's not worth the trouble. Newbies should stick to crackheads instead. There is, however, one use for dogs:

Dogs and the Freedom City Enforcer contractEdit

There's a journal entry associated with the Freedom City Enforcer contract, Bad Lieutenant. In order to get this you're supposed to kill someone with wanted stars before the K9s get to them. This can be a bit of a pain in the ass. However, in an interesting bit of game mechanics, dogs earn wanted stars when they attack someone. So, assuming we have an Enforcer contract, you can just wander around FC until a dog attacks you and easilly kill it before the cops show up, thereby earning yourself 500 xp and a shiny badge.

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