electrical cord (aka electrical cord and cord) The power cord looks like it was ripped from an old appliance. It's plastic covering is cracked with age.

It weighs about 200 grams. It is a whip. You have no idea what it might be worth. It's a one-handed weapon requiring skill in whip. It's a normal-speed weapon. It seems somewhat less accurate than usual. It does very slight beating and very slight slashing damage. A skilled fighter could do somewhat more damage with this. A brawny fighter could do a little more damage with this. Installing a mod on this would be average.

Obvious commands:

 brandish electrical cord to <something>
   Wave this weapon in someone's face.   Let them know you mean BUSINESS!

The electrical cord does 1-2 base beat damage + 0-2 base slash damage.

Electrical Cord may be scavenged in Gangland.

Used inEdit

Items this material is used in:
Schematic for a cheap power adapter

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