Increases your effectiveness at the special abilities granted by the screech and phaser mutations.

Don't grind Focus to 1 raw in the Meditation Rooms at Kakuri because it will cost you 99 XP. If you got any other focus mutation, you would spend 0 XP to 1 raw and 0 XP to 2 raw. If you are at 1 raw with no focus mutation, you can't grind to 2 raw which would've been free for every IP.


Focus Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
2 840
6 4200
Focus Titles
total ? message
2-3 Down's syndrome.
4-5 Spastic.
9 New age flake.
10 Crystal gazer.
12 Staring contest champ.
14 Seeker of truth.
16 Monk.
18 A better monk.


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