With a portable GPS locater you can begin the search for geocaches, with a GPS in your hands (wield gps) you can use the following commands:

  • caches here
  • caches found
  • caches all
  • caches top

There are 40 geocaches spread across the world.

With this page we can coordinate the search for them.

Once you find a geocache, stamp cache to get your experience reward (and possibly an item!).

XP Area Name Coords Notes Reward
150 country road Girls Only!  ? Up a tree. schematics for bruce springsteel
50 kakuri island Hut Slut 13, -11, 0 Outside a lonely hut.
75 sewers Hanging Chud  ? It's in "bottom of the well". West of the sewer pipe you end up when you leave the cultist area underneath the orphanage. black pearl
75 sewers Kraken Cache  ? It's in the Kraken's Den in the depths of the sewers. Not a very easy one to get. diagram for a tentacle mod
75 bombed-out building Nerd's Delight -1,2,-2 It's in the garden in the bombed-out building. Look for BB on the map in slagtown (south of Radio Slack), at 1,4,0 go south, southwest, up, up. You will want to go up from here but Jugdesh (and an enforcer) block the next path up, you will have to dispatch them to get up (warning: enforcer droids explode when they die). Once there you should be in the garden. If you can't kill them, or can't survive the explosion from the droid, you can also reach the garden by taking the zipline at the top of the warehouse across the road, just east of the drug store. nothing
50 freedom city An Antiseptic Cubicle 3,1,-4 Go to the roof of the Sweaty Palms, then go north to get to the balcony of Suite 1001. diagram for sharpening teeth
50 mountainside Bento Box 6,1,0 Lots of climbing. It's at the Devil's Table. nothing
50 gangland Crash Stash  ? Go south of -9,0,0 then up, south, then southeast and you should end up in empty bedroom.
50 weezer dam Damn Cache 0,1,0 It's near the travel path to Open Prarie.
50 north beach EZCache 1 -14,-15,0 It's in the amusement park, use your GPS to find the exact room. nothing
50 shoreline Fish Fingers 8,-20,0 Under the pilings of the seawall in northeast most of shoreline. recipe for fish sticks
50 freedom city Hardpack 0,0,0 The null point! Fourth and High in Freedom City. pack of cigarettes
50 corpclave I Love View 9,-28,-2 Observation point on the burbclave wall north of the turrets. You will need to go west from the entrance of burbclave until you hit the wall, then climb up, and circle around north to the observation point unless you have skill in locksmith to pick the locks on the wall doors. nothing
50 corpclave Skully Room 106 in c14L1.s t0.w3.r (c. on the map) plans for a skull throne
50 crater rim Tenzing 22,1,0 It's on the path to mountainside in northeast crater rim. Many climbs here. nothing
50 refinery Texas Tea 1,-1,-1 It's past a shaft that has a flaming jet running. The machinery in the room below needs to be broken for it to turn it off. schematic for a scramble suit
50 botany bay Tweaker Box 5,-3,0 Inside (up) The Statue Of Freedom nothing
50 necropolis gate Under the Floorboards -4,0,2 Look for 'Bu' on the map, which east east of FC (Fight Club). The XX west of the Bu icon is the building you want to search in for a trapdoor, below is the hidden cache. .44 magnum
50 necropolis gate Welcome to Fight Club -10,-2,2 FC on the necropolis map, search inside it to reveal a trapdoor, below is the hidden cache. nothing
50 mountain pass Wild River Splash -5,3,1 It's below the Limpid Pool, on the lower area of mountain pass (northwest of the waterfall). nothing
50 bradbury basement Vice Box  ? Four-armed zombie's room at the bottom of bradbury basement. nothing
50 Mt. Fisty Mount Fisty 13,2,0 Base of the mountain, Cliff Face instructions for forming gold rings
50 Prancing Queen, Maas-Neotek  ??  ? Search the gay bar nothing
50 FC Orphanage CATCH CLUE  ? Makeshift Abbatoir (most SE room under the orphanage) nothing
50 Holding Cells, Crowbar's Basement The Last Resort  ? This room has no exits, so if you come here voluntarily, don't bring anything. a razor blade

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