Location: SW of New Clearwater.

Enemy Types: Sandworms, black scorpions, radscorpions, rattlesnakes

Located deep in the Glass Mesa, the Oasis provides a much needed source of water. You can also find dishdashas here which can be used to protect you from the scorching heat in the deserts of Hell.

Used to buff brains, Peyote can only be found when it's in-season. Grab yourself some off of the Peyote cactus randomly located in the desert.

Sand Worms
In order to hunt sandworms you'll usually need a thumper. Sometimes you'll run across a sandworm that is already above ground, other times you'll need to hunt for them. Roam the desert until you find rumbling under the ground.

Put the thumper in the ground and wait. Shortly afterward a giant sandworm should bust his head out of the ground and be ready for battle.

Be prepared because these bastards hit hard, but you will be rewarded with pretty pricey crystalline sandworm teeth.


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