Used in conjunction with locksmith to break through biometric locks. When used with an alkatek DNI implant, this skill can determine success or failure when hacking Gangland cameras. The brains stat can help or hinder. Sometimes used to help in crafting.

This skill is also used to hack open secured nodes on the internet. If there is a secured link node, simple type hack <node alias> and you will attempt to hack it.
<name> dips into the glowing shell of the link to <link name>, pulling out glowing, pulsing datastrands.
Be very careful, if you fuck up multiple times, you will get uncurable brainrot.


Hack Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
3 750
4 800
5 1200
6 3150
Hack Titles
total ? message
10 Script kiddie.
13 Hax0r d00d.
14 Code jockey.
17 Professional operator.
18 l33t!
22 Uber-el1t3
25 Black operator.

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