Hooligan, the mutation d'jour for big, brawny characters who like to flatten other players' faces and fight particularly dangerous baddies. Hooligan gives some resistances to stunning and a new combat command at the expense of some focus.

Location Edit

Hooligan's located on the second floor of the Nukem Academy (NK on map) in Slagtown. The area is crawling with gun-toting Karnivore punks, so it's best to wait on this mutation until you can take a few bullets to the brain, or you've got a friend who can.

Effects Edit

This mutation gives you:

[ Your focus decreased by 3! ]
[ Your wrestle increased by 1! ]
[ Your stunned resistance increased by 35! ]
[ Your knockout resistance increased by 30! ]
[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ head*butt hb <any> : ??? ]

Advantages Edit

Resistance to knockouts and stuns is always great, and the Headbutt command is an excellent way to stun enemy players or mobs while you wind up for a powerattack. The success of your Headbutt is determined by a check of your Brawn vs. your opponents. Your Wrestle skill also adds to the success of your Headbutt. If your Headbutt is successful, you'll stun your opponent and damage them depending on the discrepancy between your brawn scores. Beware though: if you fail your Headbutt, you'll be the one who's damaged and stunned.

Disadvantages Edit

The most glaring disadvantage to Hooligan is the -3 to Focus it grants. Not recommended for focus characters, unless you feel like doing a whole bunch of grinding to make up for the loss! Hooligan also increases your chances of brain damage (you're trying to kill people by hitting them with your head, what did you expect?). Also not recommended for characters with low Brawn, as that will render your Headbutt more or less useless.

Protips Edit

It's recommended to get Lithodermis if you've got Headbutt, to reduce the chances of knocking yourself out on a failed headbutt, or of giving yourself brain damage. Hooligan also interacts with Blink in a pretty fun way...

Appearance Edit

No changes. Lucky you.

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