Implants are things that go into your head, with various effects.

  • stat implants will give you a specific boost to a stat
  • functional implants allow you to do new things
  • explosive implants are put in you by the corp, or jail to kill you whenever they so desire

Dr. Nick in IJ (northeastern Freedom City) is the only way to get implants installed in you. Give the implant to him, respond with a "yes", and he'll slap it in you for (?) some credits. Since he's Dr. Nick, he'll also slightly hurt you and cause bleeding.

Implants can be bought in EC in corpclave. You can wear as many as you want, but no repeats, and wearing more than four (corp discipline doesn't count) will give you regular ticks of Stress.

Implants do not act like conventional items in that they are not protected by cocoons. They will be on the corpse of the person. (?)

Implants will be destroyed if the unfortunate bearer dies an explosive death.

implant stat buff stat debuff notes
basic reflexes implant +1 reflexes none
basic brains implant +1 brains none
basic endurance implant +1 endurance none
basic brawn implant +1 brawn none
basic cool implant +1 cool none
basic senses implant +1 senses none
reflexes implant +3 reflexes -1 endurance
brains implant +3 brains -1 cool
endurance implant +3 endurance -1 senses
brawn implant +3 brawn -1 brains
cool implant +3 cool -1 reflexes
senses implant +3 senses -1 cool
alkatek DNI Allows you to jack in to cyberdecks, giving you access to the internet.
Also used for hacking the cams in gangland.
norplant Used to prevent pregnancy in female characters. Relatively worthless.
corporate discipline implant Allows a corp CEO with a discipline console to induce fear, shock, or death.
Automatically implanted if you use a designated corp clonetank. It also soaks
stress when used with a regular implant. (IE: You get less stress with a
corp+basic brain than with just the basic brain alone)
panopticon cortex bomb Prevents the use of phaser/blink entirely, and will explode if you are outside of
panopticon for a period of time. These will also explode if left outside of a container.
holocam implant Not available to the public, but will broadcast anything you see/do in a fashion
similar to a camcorder to the channel LIVETV.

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