Junkrat is a mutation that sharpens the senses of the player and lets him sniff out hidden things in rooms. Of course, having big rodent whiskers won't make you pretty. This mutation requires the player to have Bloodhound.

Location Edit

Junkrat is located in the Toxic Dump west of Gangland. It's in Sorting Station B.

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    +1 to Senses
    +1 to Scavenge
    -1 to Cool
    The sniff ability

Advantages Edit

An easy increase of senses for non-cool oriented characters, the sniff command is somewhat useful, and the scavenging bonus doesn't hurt. If you use senses, chances are you already have Bloodhound.

Disadvantages Edit

Decreases your cool by 1. Nothing else.

Sniff Edit

Multiple uses sniff: Sniff out the room for hidden exits and items.

sniff for <something>: Seek out all matching items in a room (including those in containers). If you own or are a resident of the room, this has a 100% success rate. Otherwise you might not find all - or even any - of the matching results.

Appearance Edit

Long, thick whiskers protrude bizarrely from her cheeks near her nose.

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