Powerful leg sinews and hollow bones let you leap up cliffs and over gaps. You're left more fragile, losing brawn and becoming more susceptible to beatings.

Flight is a first-tier movement mutation that is incompatible with Phaser and Clairvoyance.

Location Edit

Located in the aerie atop Mt. Fisty.

Effects Edit

Leapfrog has the following effects:

 -1 to Brawn
 -1 - -3 to beat damage resistance
 +1 to Dodge
 Gives the ability to leap <any> : Leap up (or down) a cliff/building/what-have-you.

Advantages Edit

Leapfrog makes climbs quick and easy and removes all of that pesky Climb grinding and rope-hanging and grappling hook-throwing. It also gives a nifty bonus to Dodge, as well as leaping to a direction to travel munch faster. Finally, you can leap out from under soda machines that have fallen atop your dumb ass.

Disadvantages Edit

Leapfrog can still fail and cause damage (sometimes as much damage as you would have taken if you'd started climbing and then fell). Using Leapfrog always causes some stress. The penalties to Brawn and beat resistance, while not huge, are still significant and some people who get Leapfrog take High Density and Yeti Fur to compensate for the disadvantages of Leapfrog and its upgrade mutation, Flight.

Leaper Legs Edit

Butchering a person with Leapfrog can give leaper legs, a consumable.

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