-Black Lung

Disease caught often in the Orphanage. Cured by either going to Sister Agnes (when at less than 10,000 XP), administering an allomycin hypo from the Medicine Shop in Freedom City, or going to the Hospital in Slagtown. OR you can fight it and hope not to die. Symptoms are coughing.

-Zombie Rot

It can be caught from the attacks of zombies, from eating Zombie Rot-infected food such as zombie brains or zombie meat, or from bile. Its symptoms include coldness of the extremities. The corpses of characters that die from zombie rot become zombies if left intact.

Aside from your inevitable death after being infected with rot, the only cure for the disease is a mortilex hypo administered by a capable medic.


Can be caught from eating uncooked meat.


Symptoms show as "You've got AIDS! HA!". Says it can be treated with viromycin. No known medical cure. Is allegedly possible to cure ONCE per character by having sex with a virgin (like the orphans at the orphanage).

-The Clap


Can be treated with viromycin.


Symptoms are sores around the mouth.

-Joint Rot

Mitosomatic halistasis, also known as jointrot. You could treat it with a fungilex hypo, which is a craft-only item, or by getting Sister Agnes or Dr.Octagon from the Slagtown Hospital to heal you. Can be spread by touch in attacks from mobs.

-Crotch Rot


Contracted when irradiated, higher levels of rads increases the chances of getting cancer. Can be treated by a skilled medic.

-Brain Damage

Can be acquired by hits to the head, and the Carrie mutation, among other things. Can be treated by a skilled medic.


Acquired (voluntarily) at the goo fountain in Hellfire. Randomly doses you with Rapinex. You will become stressed if you don't get rid of the status effects from being horny. Requires a skilled doctor (20 medic total) to psychoanalyze and cure.

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