Lobstrosities are mutant lobsters found on the beach in Gangland solely at night. During the day they go back into the ocean to do whatever it is mutant lobsters do when they aren't chilling on the beach waiting for someone to come by and kill them. Lobstrosities have a contract that pays out slightly better than the Zombie contract, so they make a good target for people to grind when the zombies are being camped/we don't have a zombie contract/some big meanie is killing goons in the Brad basement. They are slightly harder than zombies, hitting faster and doing pierce damage, which most armors seem to not soak as well as slash.

Fighting the LobstrosityEdit

If you can take down a zombie, you can probably take down a lobstrosity. They are somewhat more difficult, but they have the advantage of not swarming the way zombies do, and they don't carry a disease so you don't have to be constantly vigilant with your hypos. The key difference is that they do stab rather than slash damage, so wear the appropriate armor.

Pop Cultural ReferenceEdit

Lobstrosoties seem to be named after 80's rock band The Police's songs Synchronicity I and Synchronicity II. Several messages in a bottle can also be found on the beach.

They could also be inspired by the creatures of the same name in the "Dark Tower" series (notably book 2). These creatures also have a habit of retreating into the sea during the day.

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