Determines your ability to pick a lock. Harder locks require a higher skill for success. Hack can be used in conjunction with locksmith to break through biometric locks. Its depends are brains and reflexes.


Grinding locksmith takes much longer than hack (both of these skills are required to break VoxGuard locks). Use a potmetal lockpick or titanium lockpick to crack mechanical locks (with the object in your inventory, pick <direction of door>.

Try the door to the graveyard in slagtown, a "keyed lock". You can also try to go to prison, where the doors are either secured by a "cheap keyed lock" or a "keyed lock". Another public area with a lock is in the Gangland crack mansion.

Lockpicking is a criminal offense - do not do it in front of a camera!


Locksmith Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
2 750
3 750
6 3150
10 9800
11 11200
Locksmith Titles
total ? message
5 You're clueless.
7 Lost your car keys.
9 Could pick a school locker.
11 Cat burglar.
12 Second-story man.
14 Highly capable thief.
17 Professional burglar.
18 Expert safecracker.
22 Houdini
26 The Master of Unlocking


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