Medium Edit

Medium is the upgrade mutation for Clairvoyance. It allows you to psychically search for other players The mutation adds a bonus of +1 focus. It grants the following commands:

 seek <target> : attempt to learn the general location of a player. If your focus is high enough, you can accurately locate the player.

Seek Edit

Seeking will give you moderate amounts of stress. It also has a chance to give brain damage if you are seeking too much, people with tinfoil hats or someone with a high focus. You still have to be careful, however; if the player you are seeking has a high Focus, they will be alerted that someone is seeking them, who is seeking them, or detect where they're being sought from, which can potentially be dangerous. Seek with caution!

Auras Edit

An interesting mystery surrounding Mediums are Auras, as the mutation allows you to see various colored auras around people's heads when you look at them. The color seems to vary based on karma and perhaps other factors.

Black and red tend to indicate griefers, indistinct auras indicate newbies without substantial karma, and white probably indicates a nice player but it is very very rare. It is currently unknown what the other colors mean

Or maybe it all doesn't fucking matter.

Notes Edit

This is one of the mutations that Empath requires; the total mutations needed are Medium/Blink/Flight and Swollen Brain. Please note that you do not need all three movement mutations to become an Empath. You only need one.

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