Completing Missile Commander requires two people for turning the red and blue launch keys. You cannot turn both keys yourself to kick off the missile launch.

Once the missile has struck Maas Neotek, the Hepcats will no longer spawn for awhile. It takes several real days for the Colossus Silo area to reset and allow for another launch.

SpaceOrg HQEdit

  • When you meet Mechatravolta in the SpaceOrg HQ (which is in New Clearwater), you can talk to him about a deal.
    • He wants to nuke Mass-Neotek.
    • He has a blue launch key, and will give it to you in exchange for Hepcat Ginsberg's head.


  • Kill Hepcat Ginsberg.
    • Take his head, hack head from ginsberg. If you suck you will fuck the head up and will have to wait for him to respawn.
      • Give the head to Mechatravolta back in SpaceOrg HQ to get a blue launch key.
    • A red launch key will be on Ginsberg's corpse.

Colossus SiloEdit

Before you begin you will want good skill in climb, and an artificial gill. Bring speed hypos for a temporary boost in climb, as well as climbing ropes.

  • Once you are in the silo after climbing down the open exit, go north. Directly east is the control center of the silo. This vault door will be closed and unopenable by default.
    • Down is underwater, so you will want to wear your gill or just be fast. Go down.
    • Search this room to find a path to the east, go east, then go up. You should be in the control center.
  • Open the control center vault door.
    • type unlock 1 on console
    • type open 1 on console

There are four things you need to do to make the missile in Silo 3 launchable.

You can check the status of the silos by look status monitor. The status monitor is usually off after an area reset. Turn it on first.

The northmost silo is Silo 3.

Restore power to the reactorEdit

  • From the control center, go southeast, you will end up in the Power Plant.
  • throw switch to engage
    • GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE POWER PLANT by going northwest. This room is now radioactive.
  • Power is now back on!

Channel propellant to Silo 3Edit

  • To fill up Silo 3's propellant you will need to go and find a pump outside of the vault door to Silo 3.
  • From the control center, go west twice, then keep going north. The pump is in the room south of the vault door to Silo 3.
  • start pump until the gauge on the pump reads 100%.

Open the surface hatch above Silo 3Edit

  • Wear your artificial gil.
  • From the control center, go west, down, west, then go north as far as possible and follow the path.
  • You will end up in Silo 3. Climb up the ladder.
  • To open the surface hatch you will need to pump lever until all ten bars are lit.
  • For an easier way back to the control center, go up through the surface hatch and walk back to the entrance.

Set the console to control Silo 3Edit

  • type control 3 on console

Launch the nuclear missileEdit

  • insert blue launch key into blue keyhole
  • insert red launch key into red keyhole
  • One person should turn red keyhole to fire
  • The other person should turn blue keyhole to fire
  • Enjoy the ride :).

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