<User>'s limbs go rigid and his eyes roll back in his head. His body flickers and becomes briefly translucent, then all is normal again.
 [ (Psi ability to phase-teleport to a memorized location.) ]
 [ Your focus increased by 1! ]
 [ You've just received some new commands. ]
 [ memorize : Remember your location for phasing back to later. ]
 [ phase : Phase back to your memorized location. ]

Phaser is a mutation that uses a focus roll to teleport (phase) you to a memorized spot. You may only have one place memorized at any time, though you can change your memorized spot as you please. This mutation gives two new commands for the player to use. memorize is the command to memorize the tile you are currently in. The tile must be outdoors for you to memorize it. The command phase is the command used to subsequently teleport back to your memorized area. This command has a few catches which can make the mutation slightly frustrating. First off, the spot you have memorized must not have people on it. If it does, phase will not work. The same will happen if the tile you are in has other players standing in it.

Based on the aforementioned focus roll, phase can either fail or be successful. If failure occurs, the user is given stress and remains stationary. If successful, the user is still given stress, but teleports to the memorized location.

For consistent success, Phaser only requires focus in the mid-teens, and past 17 or so failing the focus check is very unlikely.

This mutation gives you a permanent +1 advantage you your total focus. Phaser is incompatible with these mutations: clairvoyance, leapfrog, medium, and flight.

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