This skill determines how quickly you can turn an engineering marvel into a screaming ball of flaming metal and just like bombs will result in your hilarious death if you try to grind it from 0.
Pilot skill is based on your brains and reflexes and at lower levels if you notice one of your pasengers becoming aroused you should immediately throw them out of the nearest exit hatch just to make sure it doesn't catch on.


The most important piece of equipment for any pilot is an aircraft, preferably someone elses, and you should equip with all sorts of cool shit like grenade launchers and an earthquake machine and craft benches because a good pilot should expect the unexpected and an awesome pilot should expect all kinds of crazy shit because the last thing anyone expects is a fucking ninja science pilot. They'll be all like 'dude I totally need your rad help' and you'll be all like 'I've got rocket boots and a fucking hot tub up in this shit putting the satisfaction in your tactical extraction yo'.

Getting up off the ground is as easy as typing takeoff because that is what you type and then ascend to a suitably kickin' altitude. Once in the air you will be given all kinds of information such as fuel and control, this is bullshit because all the top guns fly by the seats of their pants just like in that movie about that guy who was a pilot and also totally off the rails and shit.
Remember to wear pants.

Navigating the skies is simply a case of fly direction. Anyone can do this. Only the totally best of the best hot shot pilots can make it look totally sweet.

CheechLizard to [Red Wing]: All units, bogey sighted heading zero two alpha. Break north on my mark.
CheechLizard to [Red Wing]: Lets do this by the book people.
CheechLizard to [Red Wing]: BREAK, BREAK, BREAK!
You fly north.

Once you reach your destination descend to be shown a list of available landing locations, descend location and land.
Once again a trained chimp or maybe berrik could do this shit but only super fucking genius mavericks can make it look like the most amazing thing ever invented

CheechLizard to [MIC]: GQ, GQ! Raptor 1 is in the DZ. Request immediate clearance to the LZ
You can land at the following locations: blah
CheechLizard to [MIC]: GQ. Raptor 1 is incoming. I repeat. Raptor 1 is coming in hot.
descend Sweaty Palms
CheechLizard gets a grenade launcher from the wall mount.


Pilot Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
2 840
Pilot Titles
total ? message
7 Student driver.
16 Iceman.
18 T.C. from Magnum PI.
20 Airwolf.


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