Location Edit

Plant Whisperer is located in the Hollowed Pitch, at the tree's heart. You need to climb up two sets of 50m climbs to get there. It's at the big tree in the crater forest.

Effects Edit

    [ You realize you could mutate here. ]
    [ Type 'mutate plant whisperer' to develop the 'plant whisperer' mutation. ]
    [ (You gain the ability to freely communicate with plants. Too bad plants are jerks. You also become infertile.) ]
    [ Your persuade increased by 1! ]
    [ Your pregnancy resistance increased by 100! ]
    [ You've just received some new commands. ]
    [ fertilize fert <any> : Stroke the plants gently and persuade them to bear fruit. ]

You will also hear plants talk and use pick up lines on them. Be reminded, that if plants hate you, you will receive low amounts of stress for each plant that is in a mood like that.

Protips Edit

Using Plant Whisper in combination with Fuck Machine allows you to cum on yourself, therefore covering yourself in tree sap and being awesome at climbing.

Appearance Edit

X's skin has a light-green hue.

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