So, you chose to take on the mantle of a Hideous Freak. Good for you! Hideous Freaks present a different way of playing HellMOO. You will not have the same accessibility to advanced weapons and equipment and the penalties will make you approach the entire game in a different way. As such, this guide had been created to detail the mutation and the problems it can pose to unwary players.


The mutation spot can be found at the old burned out victorian (Vi on the map) at the necropolis gate. Enter the house and search for a trapdoor leading down (it was locked when I got it, so you'll have to bring someone who can pick eletronic locks reasonably, from what I remember, it was a silver voxguard), go down (you'll be at the necropolis cloner now) and search for the muck hole, just head inside the hole and you'll find the mutation spot.


Hideous Freak gives the following stat and skill modifiers:

  • +4 Senses
  • +1 Endurance
  • +3 Sneak
  • +4 Focus
  • -3 Cool
  • -2 Persuade

Hideous Freak also provides some other modifiers not covered by pure stat changes.

  • Stress and de-stress are reversed. For example, you will become de-stressed from killing, grabbing, and using focus abilities, with the exception of Scare. THC gives stress and so does sitting in a chill room. One notable exception to this rule is the Empath mutation. Empath functions without regard to whether you're a Hideous Freak.
  • You become resistant to eating raw flesh, so you will not acquire worms.
  • Necropolis Junkers and Spectres will not attack you without provocation. Necropolis basically becomes a safe haven where you can grind and do zombie and ghostbusting contracts in safety.
  • You can pass through the tunnel at the entrance to Necropolis.
  • You gain acid blood Your blood will damage health and armor if it gets on anybody, including yourself. This means vampires cannot feed from you.
  • You gain the scare command.
  • You cannot use most conventional shops.
  • You will be given an instant 0 stars upon sighting in Freedom City, Corpclave, Burbclave, Jack Schitt, and Halliburton Arms. While you have the 0 stars, you will have either C3-50s, Spiderlings, or CSS Guards that will hunt you in any of their areas of jurisdiction until the 0 stars expire. However, you cannot spawn in Panopticon Prison or the Cube.
  • You also cannot become a Vampire. The mutations are mutually exclusive and Hideous Freaks have as of recently been forbidden from acquiring temporary Vampirism.
  • Every time you clone, you have a chance of acquiring one or more mental illnesses.
  • Hideous Freaks are unable to have more than two implants, any more than two will result in the implants being destroyed by the freaks acidic blood.


Scare is an exclusive Freak ability. While not terribly powerful, it can be useful in certain situations. In most situations, it gives those who hear it a dose of fear, impairing their stats. And for every person who gets fear, you gain a dose of frenzy adding +1 to brawn and senses, up to a max of +4 each. Frenzy does, however, lower your focus more for every dose you get. Another not instantly realizable feature of Frenzy is that it lowers your chance of being feinted.


The loss of cool makes it hard to become proficient at blades and guns. However, non-cool-based weapon classes are perfectly reasonable to utilize, such as spears, whips, fists, and clubs. Bling can also be worn to give you up to +4 cool. Cool can be ground up, although it can take a long time.

The easiest way to deal with police is by not going to Freedom City, Corpclave, Burbclave, Jack Schitt, or Halliburton Arms. If you're speedy enough you can make quick runs into Freedom City. For a Freak, one of the main attractions to Freedom City is to install implants, because Dr. Nick is the only implant installer in the game. C3-50s may reach you while installing implants. If this happens, spew and after escaping, either run to the sewers or blink away. A particularly fast Freak may be able to get two or three implants in during a run.

Freaks can benefit from grinding up their Sneak skill. If your Sneak is high enough, you can avoid being seen by the cameras, and thus avoid the 0 stars that mean hunting you. In fact, if you aren't seen by a camera, you can even chill with the law enforcement in the same square as you. A good amount of Sneak can be invaluable in getting implants put in. Note that a Sneak checks are not a one time occurrence per square. When you enter a square the initial check is made to see if you are detected. If you succeed this check, a few seconds later another check will be made, this one harder. As you succeed the checks for being in a square they progressively get harder, so don't dawdle!

Every now and then, your cloning location, no matter where you set it, will reset to the clone tank in the Necropolis, usually after you've run out of or acquired police stars in a jurisdiction. Check st religiously because being surprised to a Necropolis clone tank can be a headache, especially if you cannot blink. This does not seem to happen of late, but it is never a bad thing to be safe.

Use other players to buy things for you, or just take them from other players who cannot defend themselves. If you're in a corporation you can just have corpmates buy and sell for you. This does not mean a Freak is without resources, however! In Slagtown alone, Freaks can buy freely from Sargo's Discount Warehouse. Freaks wishing to sip on some sweet delicious bugshit can stop by Round Corner and hit up Rayray. Those who prefer more pedestrian cocktails can get them from Heath at the Wide Stance. Freaks can also purchase goods from the player-run Slagtown Galleria. Camp Benjamin in Necropolis sells to Freaks, as does Furst in Village of Lurleen. A new store has also popped up in Botany Bay called Tree of Life. This store provides cocoons to protect your gear, an invaluable resource, as well as basic medical supplies.

When you clone, you're likely to wind up with at least one kind of mental problem. The effects of these are many, varied, and occasionally annoying. You can counter this problem by partnering up with someone brainy, who can analyze you, to potentially cure your mental problem. There is a cooldown of ten minutes, regardless of psychoanalyst. An important thing about mental problems is that they build up over time. From experience, a mental illness can take even the greatest of medics two or three tries if you have let it build up over time. For this reason it is important to be analyzed as soon as you spawn.

Hideous Freaks now can only wear up to two implants before they start degenerating. Do not overload on implants, as tempting as it may be! You will regret it when over a hundred thousand in implants goes missing overnight. However, it is safe to keep one or two in, so the end is not nigh.



Abomination is a different kind of Hideous Freak. Compared to the typical freak, they have many new quirks. Due to the requirements and its nature, players taking Abomination often specifically plan for it. To become an Abomination, you must have the mutations Hideous Freak, Ripper, and Fuck Machine.

It's important to note that Abomination is even more of a lifestyle choice than Hideous Freak. It is encouraged to hunt Abominations, and there is even an Abomination killing contract available at Rough Trade (KH) in Slagtown. If you're an Abomination, you can't complain much about griefing, unless it's something like spawn camping. You should be in a respected, powerful corporation, or you may be steamrolled by roleplayers. Abominations obey the law of nature: only the strong survive.

You gain the following natural resistances:

  • 4-10 beat
  • 6-9 slash
  • 4-10 stab
  • 8-10 bullet
  • 1-4 acid

The following modifiers are also given:

  • -2 Brains
  • -2 Cool
  • +1 Endurance
  • +1 Brawn
  • +3 Fish
  • -2 Pistols
  • -2 Rifles
  • -6 Persuade
  • -4 Focus

As with Hideous Freak, there are modifiers which are not numeric:

  • Your claws are upgraded, giving them much higher potential slashing damage and adding stabbing damage, as well as irradiation damage.
  • You acquire an inability to wear thick armor. Your thickness limit is 4. However, you can stack these articles up to the usual 15 thickness. Leather armor, Robes of the Lamb, and Deathsheads are among the choice armor for Abominations, if they are going to wear any. Deathsheads, however, are extremely rare, and Robes of the Lamb only drop off of prchr. You are best off hiring a non-Freak to buy you Leather armor, which can double your soaks with minimal penalties to Dodge.
  • You acquire the ability devour, which allows you to eat a human corpse, healing you. The healing properties work like so: at first you get a large initial boost of health, which then peters down. This boost can be as small as 6 and as large as 16. The more corpses you eat, the larger the healing.
  • You acquire the burrow command, allowing you to safely log out in outdoor type rooms.
  • Your semen also becomes acidic like your blood, allowing you to wank on players or NPCs to weaken them. If you facefuck someone, they will get a chestburster, which will burrow out of the stomach, doing massive damage.
  • Anyone in the same room as you who does not have radiation immunity will be irradiated, at about the same rate as a Plutonium Rod, which is relatively slow.
  • You cannot get irradiated, thus you cannot get radiation mutations.
  • You can breathe underwater. You still cannot breathe in acidic environments such as the Toxic Dump or in parts of the sewers, and the only protective equipment for that is too thick for an Abomination to wear.
  • Drugs do not give you addiction, enabling you to push them to the limit of your endurance, which, if you're an Abomination, should be very high. Coke and crank both give addiction, so as an abomination you can safely be on the max dose of each at all times with no complications.
  • Nanite healers are only 40% as effective, and food will only fill you 20% as much as it did. Most Abominations go Hyperimmune, which would then render nanite healers completely useless. Healing must be done by devouring humanoids, or by using trauma kits, which is hard enough with the medic and brains penalties of Ripper and Abomination. Mend can also heal 6 at high levels of Focus, taking advantage of your reversed stress gains.
  • If you die, your corpse will explode shortly after, causing damage to anyone in the room, as well as covering them in acid blood. Any implants you were wearing will be gone unless you have someone to cut them out immediately on the scene. You cannot be defibbed even if someone is right by you when you die.
  • You cannot be medically treated by anyone besides other Hideous Freaks.

Which Weapon? Edit

Abominations are most definitely encouraged to be Fists users, due to constantly having Claws and Fangs. Because of this, an Abomination should almost always have maxed out Brawn, as Fists weapons, bar Tesla or Edison Gauntlets, all scale in maximum damage based on Brawn. However, don't neglect technology! While Abominations spawn with a good weapon already, having a non-Freak buy you Jawbreakers can make you even more lethal, as many a victim of these relatively easy to get but powerful weapons will attest to. For PvE it is also possible to have Tesla Gauntlets or Edison Gauntlets crafted for your use; these weapons are slow but deal the rare Electricity damage type in high amounts. Other Fists weapons tend to pale in comparison to your natural one, however. Fists have the advantage of often being one-handed, despite having no parry class, making them an extremely good class for grabbing someone and beating them down.

Should you be planning to make it into the endgame, or even just survive the random attack from Hawthorn, a secondary weapon type is encouraged as an Abomination. The most popular choice is Spears, as having a parry class of ** is extremely useful in combating Hawthorn and other players. For the uninitiated: each weapon has a parry class and may parry weapons of the same class or below it. Thus, an Assegai wielding Abomination has a parry class of **, allowing it to parry the Shiver Sword, also **, as well as the Crime Stick, which has a parry class of *, and Jawbreakers, which have a parry class of 0. However, the Crime Stick can only parry weapons with the same class or below, meaning they will rely on Dodge when fighting against the Shiver Sword or Assegai user. All weapon choices here were generic, but they serve to illustrate a point: the parry class on a weapon is important, and Spears happen to be ** all around the board. In addition, Spears scale with Brawn as well, being very useful in that regard as an Abomination will have a higher maximum damage than many other Spears users. You may ask yourself- why not just use Spears then? As has been stated, you are preparing for a multitude of situations. Fists weapons have the advantage of, for the most part, being one-handed, especially the ubiquitous Jawbreaker. You will have to unwield your spear of choice to grab, lowering your damage potential which, in a PvP situation, may not be enough to get past armor. For this reason, opponents you wish to grab you will often use Fists against, while opponents you want to parry you will often use Spears against. It pays to be prepared!

However, do not discount the usefulness of clubs! Clubs have their own two-handed weapons with a ** parry class, namely the Combustor Hammer and Piston Hammer, as well as Crime Sticks, which allow you to grab in a similar fashion to Fists, but also have a parry class of *! In addition, unlike Spears, Clubs can cause the Limb status condition, lowering their Brawn and Reflexes if you hit them hard enough. While not many Abominations choose to take this path, clubs should still be considered for its versatility weaponry-wise, and also just for fun!

Hawthorn Edit

The bane of Abominations, Hawthorn is a Chainsaw Lance wielding maniac who hunts down Abominations wherever they may go. Hawthorn is characterized as having high health, soaks (literally has a built-in exosuit), and an extremely damaging weapon that is liable to kill you in two or three hits, if not in one hit outright. For this reason, many Abominations take Spears as a secondary weapon class to aid them in their fight against Hawthorn, as the Chainsaw Lance has relatively low Hit in comparison to other weapons, making it a bit easier to dodge or parry. However, Hawthorn has a nasty tendency to ambush players while they are gymming, fighting against other monsters, or just idling. For this reason it is important to always watch your character! It is recommended that you run from Hawthorn should he attack you, as only the strongest of Abominations can fight him without suffering any injuries, let alone death. His ability to one-shot players has been noted, as has his high capacity for punishment. Should you choose to fight him- although the Chainsaw Lance is supposed to be slow, Hawthorn swings it surprisingly quickly. He also has high skill, enough to parry most attacks you throw at him, so the fight may stall out. Hawthorn does not receive stun from a powerattack very well, so landing one can easily turn the tide in your favor. His Brawn makes grabbing a risky proposition at best, as he will break out instantly, and you cannot afford to be stunned and unable to parry. Should you win, his Chainsaw Lance may drop for your own use! It is a slow weapon that scales extremely well with high Brawn and, ironically, is an excellent weapon to use against Hawthorn himself.

Others Edit

The additional Cool penalty means that you would have to work harder to get a good Sneak score. An abomination is less likely to be able to hang around Freedom City than a normal Freak. It is still possible, however, to make quick runs. While Implants are less appealing, due to the insta-gib nature of an Abomination, they are still a valuable resource if used sparingly. Because Abominations have an additional Cool penalty, you may have difficulty telling Nick you want the implants put in. In this case, just input "nod nick" and there should be no problems.

The focus penalty nullifies the direct bonus given by Hideous Freak. However, you still have more focus than normal humans by the fact that you have an additional 4 senses and 2 endurance. That works out to +3 focus as opposed to the +6.5 of a Hideous Freak. Abominations can still reliably Blink, a great mutation to shorten distance, especially with reversed stress gains.

The lesser Brains of an Abomination are made even bigger of a problem by the requirement of Ripper. You will not be competent at many, if any, Brains-based skills. Feinting can also be a problem for Abominations in both PvE and PvP. If you have high focus, you can utilize screech to lower your opponent's Brains. You may also want to look into the Hooligan mutation, which increases your resistance to various stuns, including a feint stun, at the cost of 3 focus total. Getting into a frenzy before fighting a high Brains foe may also help change the tide of battle, thanks to the added feint resistance. A high dose of frenzy can be achieved not just via using scare on a group of enemies, but with the function of the Bleeder mutation as well.

Money for an Abomination is mostly spent on recloning. They aren't going to need to spend as much money on armor like a typical Hideous Freak, but Deathsheads are expensive, should you want them. Money not spent on recloning could be spent towards buying contracts as well as weapons, if you do not specialize in fists. The newer breeds of Abomination, however, tend to actually need money to support their secondary weapon type of choice. Still, Abomination is a great mutation for hoarding money as it is often worry free in regards to thirst, hunger, and stress.

Since only Freaks can treat your medical issues, you should aim for becoming as independent as possible. The Salamander mutation will help a lot with broken bones and healing. Hyperimmune helps with most else. The only times you'd actually need a player to treat you is brain damage or mental illness, and you would need another Freak only to treat brain damage. Since there is a scarcity of freak medics, suicide may be the only solution the majority of the time. However, you can still receive psychoanalysis from humans, so it is still recommended you seek out medical attention to fix mental issues upon respawn.

With the limitations on skin mutations, it is generally recommended that you take High Density or Snakeskin in tandem with Firewalker and Rubberskin, as Abomination does not provide soaks for non-physical damage.

Take advantage of your inability to become addicted! This ability is overlooked by many Abominations, but the rewards are mind boggling. Because you suffer no ill effects from drugs, they make an extremely useful buff with no downsides. The two big drugs from an Abomination to use are Crank, which at max dosages that would kill an average player give +4 Reflex and Endurance, and Coke, which is even more dangerous for a regular player, but gives +5 Reflex and +4 Cool. Scavenge in the Crack Mansion for Rocks of Crank, and have a non-Freak buy you the Coke- you won't regret it.

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