For keeping track of raider boss info, to see if there's any consistency or if it's all random.

I think they have static spawn/campsite locations with random names IE if one spawns in kakuri island itll have a camp 1n of charred knoll. In botany bay its either the locked house to the sw on the underside or right outside the mine on the top level. etc...

Possible Raider Boss Spawn Rooms:

Area Room
Gangland Building west of BG, u s se from the ground floor.
Sewers Hidden room below the Chud treasure room
Lurleen North of the General Store
Underground Mines 1 room west of the Chimaera
Kakuri 1n of Charred Knoll
Stormfront Island By Savage Michael
Stormfront Island In the Abandoned resort with all the Dinos.
Luskentyre Plateau Porcuswine Pen
Luskentyre Plateau Hemp Shack
Canyon Depths Cave on the island in the river.
Crater Rim Up the climbs near the entrance to Mountain Range
Underground Mine With the Mine Guards
Botany Bay Outside the entrance to underground mine
Botany Bay In the locked house down in town, all the way west and southwest.
Slagtown In the 4/20 Memorial Statue
Sub Sewers Pornfill
Slagtown Public Rest Room on the east side of town.

Current Raider boss names:

Murder Warrior
Bucket Ugg
Violent Starr

Every boss drops a exo plate scrap used in making Exosuits.

boss location weapon
Faggot Master kakuri assegai
Aces Hose slagtown AK-7 rifle
Mega Bitch stormfront samaritan
Hooknose Ass mountain pass
mount fisty
plasma rifle
Flamin Rose weezer dam .71 revolver
Rape Ugg kakuri 2nd floor rip-9 shiver sword
Ultra Jane weezer dam (bug?)  ???
Deadly Punch weezer dam (bug?) plasma rifle
Bucket Mate weezer dam (bug?)  ????
Night Master gangland bruce springsteel
King Master refinery rip-9 shiver sword
Flamin Lightning abandoned complex .71 revolver
Queer Billy gangland AK-7 rifle
Super Warrior crater rim piston hammer
Outland Man gangland rip-9 shiver sword
White Punch  ???  ???
Whiskey Frank slagtown .71 revolver
Mega Ole  ???  ???
Faggot Funk  ???  ???
Kakuri Billy  ???  ???
Two-Dick Jim kakuri island piston hammer
Violence Dominatrix  ???  ???
Straight Marge  ???  ???
Bucket Stank  ???  ???
Mexican Giant  ???  ???
Ultra Failure  ???  ???
Deadly Sally  ???  ???
Whiskey Stank gangland  ???
Devil Lord abandoned complex .71 revolver
Kid Breakfast canyon's depths samaritan
One-Testicle Sparx weezer dam AK-7
Power Starr botany bay piston hammer
Cancer Hose gangland .71 revolver
Pretty Rapist stormfront piston hammer
Bucket Jane kakuri 2nd floor .71 revolver
Freedom Behemoth Canyon's Depths plasma rifle
Night Dominatrix sewers samaritan
Kakuri Boy underground mines ak-7 rifle
Straight Rose underground mines shiver sword
Queer Breakfast sewers bruce springsteel
Bucket Billy sewers shiver sword
Outland Failure botany bay plasma rifle
Cleft-Lip Mate sewers .71 revolver
Gay Marge shoreline plasma rifle
Murder Ahoy abandoned complex  ???
Violence Slade botany bay  ???
horny tyrone crater rim shiver sword

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