Rednecks live in a trailer park on the eastern side of the Crater Rim area, between Blast Arms and Maas Neotek. There is a contract available for them, but it's relatively low paying and the xp yield for rednecks is not great, so you're better off grinding something else. Rednecks drop moonshine, an item that Care Dog will buy, netting you a small amount of money and a journal entry.

Fighting the RedneckEdit

Rednecks vary in toughness based on what weapon they're wielding. The easiest rednecks just use their fists, the medium toughness ones wield baseball bats, and the hardest redneck has a military chainsaw. Strategy therefor depends on which redneck you're fighting: bashing armor for most of them, and slashing armor for the chainsaw redneck. None of them is particularly difficult, however. They might make a good in-between enemy for newbies who want to move up from crackheads but who aren't quite ready to deal with a swarm of zombies yet.

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