rejuvex pill (aka rejuvex pill and pill)

A small round pill, medicine of some sort. You hope. It weighs almost nothing. It is a pill. You think it might fetch about $4,600 on the market.

Obvious commands:

 eat/pop/swallow rejuvex pill

Doubleumc pops a rejuvex pill into her mouth. Doubleumc swallows a rejuvex pill. You start to feel a little strange.

Doubleumc is under the influence of anti-aging.

(if failed) You feel strange for just a moment, but the feeling passes almost immediately. Huh.

(15 minutes later) You feel like you've reversed the aging process by several months.

Apparently only reduces damage accumulated by cloning, NOT natural aging.

Gathering the MaterialsEdit

Making a rejuvex pill takes one each of mushroom sludge, cholla pod, macadamia nut, and can of Jaco's Juice soda. Mushroom sludge spawns in a blue mushroom near the center of Stormfront island, not past the water to the north if you land on helipad. If you land on omaha beach it's past the racist outpost, take the first northwest turn and follow the winding path to a blue mushroom. It spawns a maximum of seven mushroom sludges, but BE FAST because the dinosaurs can rape you. Cholla pod is from harvesting cholla cactii in the wastelands and crater rim. Wear good gloves to protect your hands against stabbing, you can fail at the gathering and prick yourself for about six damage about 30% of the time. Macadamia nuts spawn in the macadamia tree on the west side of the town in Botany Bay. It's south and west of Captain Khan and Pegleg Pete. Can of Jaco's Juice soda is from FC. These materials can rot so store them in a cold container if you aren't going to make the pill right away. The real bottleneck for me is cholla pods because they spawn one at a time.

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