Allows you to fix things that have been damaged. Determined by brains.

Repairing armor will decrease its durabilty, regardless of skill/success (check this with worn). The same does not apply to weapons, go hog wild.


  • Find a television and break it then repair it. kill and repair the television until you get bored or punch yourself to death. Propecia Suites or the Humathrope Tower has many televisions lying around.
  • Fix the bar in Any Port (AP)
  • Repair soda vending machines
  • Repair the car just west of the park in Freedom City (CP). Breaking the car (kill) can give Sneak IP.


Repair Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
1 896
2 672
3 840
4 896
5 1232
6 2240
7 ~2933
Repair Titles
total ? message
3 Worthless.
7 Can change lightbulbs.
9 Can change the oil.
10 Handyman.
11 Simple engine repairs.
14 Grease monkey.
16 Ace with a wrench.
18 Expert repairman.
22 Innovator


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