Roshi Heihachi is the head ninja on Kakuri Island, and the best NPC Blades trainer in the game. He is also an enemy you can fight for a one-time, free Fine Katana and a journal entry worth 50 xp. Finally, he always wears an almost complete set of lotus armor, which can be good newbie gear.

Roshi wanders all over Kakuri Monastery, but seems to be found most often on the second floor.

Fighting Roshi HeihachiEdit

Roshi can be a tough opponent, especially in the beginning. You should not attack him until you're fully comfortable fighting zombies, unless you like getting your ass kicked by an old man. Do not attack him when he's with another NPC, they will join in the fight and make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Oddly, despite being the master blades trainer and apparently holding a Fine Katana, Roshi will attack you with nunchakus. This is sort of a mixed blessing, because while he won't totally destroy you the way he might if he had a sword, he can still lay into you like Michaelangelo with those nunchuks. He hits fast and hard, occasionally delivering knock outs and breaking limbs. He also seems to have an obscenely high dodge score, so he's very hard to hit.

The good news is, once you do hit him he goes down fast. Roshi has pitifully low life, so you'll probably one shot or nearly one shot him on your first hit. This means it's basically a waiting game until you power through his dodginess. Armor with a high bashing rating is key because of this. You'll find an armordillo plate jacket will make this fight much more survivable.

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