Salamander is a focus mutation often chosen by players for its great upgrade to mobility for a relatively low cost.

Location Edit

Salamander is located in the Toxic Cave on the Shoreline. Due to its close proximity to Freedom City, the entrance is guarded by Gator Boy, an alligator-skinned boy slightly stronger than the average crackhead found in the crack mansion.

Effects Edit

This mutation grants:

    +4 to swim
    +4 to climb
    +1 to focus
    -1 to craft
    The ability mend

Advantages Edit

Salamander is, as stated before, easy to reach, and grants high bonuses to both climb and swim. It also grants the ability to mend, which is useful for quick healing and fixing broken bones (for players with broken legs and/or a low medical skill).

Disadvantages Edit

Taking Salamander results in a -1 to craft; however, as a loss of a point in craft isn't very damaging to most players due to their reliance on others to do the job (usually in exchange for cash), this is considered a negligible disadvantage at best.

Mend Edit

When used, the user gains a large amount of stress and makes a focus roll. If successful, any broken limbs the user has will be mended, along with the possibility of being healing up to 6 hp based on how high their focus stat is (needs confirmation). If failed, you may lose hp, depending on how badly you rolled. You will also fail if you have 100% hp and no broken bones to mend, resulting in damage and alot of stress.

The cooldown of mend is 30 seconds.

Message Upon Use:

    You empty your mind, letting your focus flow into your limbs...
    <Name> bows his/her head and breathes deeply, extending his/her limbs.

Message Upon Success:

    You feel your wounds pulling together.  Kinda itches.

Message Upon Failure:

   You couldn't focus due to stress

Message if uninjured (note: you still gain stress):

    There's nothing wrong with you that your mending powers could heal.

Appearance Edit

After mutation you will be given an additional line to your description:

   He/She has webbed fingers.

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