An awesome skill for awesome people. Determines your ability to use research simulators, and is modified by your brainpower. Also can be used to help in crafting.

Science can easily be grinded by getting sent to the Corpclave Cube (commit a crime in corpclave and die) and then typing navigate while inside. See the article on the cube for more details.


See Weapons before modifying the table. Please note that 'total skill' takes both stats for the weapon into account and is used for calculating hit. Total reflex is used for calculating speed.

weapon damage type base damage crit parry handed user total skill user total reflex hit speed
Disruptor Explode 50-100 0% -1 2 24 13 36 10
Proton Pack EMP 2-7 15% -1 2 21 12 22 9.2


Science Training Costs
Next Raw ? XP Cost
3 1785
5 2856
8 12494
9 14280
Science Titles
total ? message
15 Qualified scientist
19 Mad scientist
21 Super-Scientist
25 Frankenstein.


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